Ludger Thuilot:
Stele ‘Taurus V’, hand-painted cast stone


Ludger Thuilot:
Stele ‘Taurus V’, hand-painted cast stone

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Replica | Cast stone | Handmade | Hand-painted | Format 178 x 53 x 30 cm | Weight approx. 30 kg

Ludger Thuilot: Stele ‘Taurus V’, hand-painted cast stone

The Bocholt painter and sculptor Ludger Thuilot is a skilled wood carver who first of all thinks plastically which is clearly visible in many of his pictures. In his stele ‘Taurus V’ this is the case: from a wooden column of about 180 cm height rises - fused with it with the too long ‘daliesk’ legs – a delicately crafted sculpture with an enormous spatial effect. Thuilot’s intention is not to be ‘realistic’, he tries to penetrate through distortion and deformation to the not openly visible, hidden nature of the character shaped by him. Thuilot’s original stele is performed of real wood in the old masters’ woodcut technique, our replica is a hand-painted unique piece made of cast stone._x000D_


Stele ‘Taurus V’: a pair of tauruses bursting with strength and energy shows the fight among equals. Cast stone, hand painted (not weather-resistant and for indoor use only), format 178 x 53 x 30 cm, weight approximately 30 kg.

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Painter and sculptor with great experimentation: Ludger Thuilot (* 1960) is an artist of astonishing versatility.

In his studio in the western Munsterland, on one hand he created drawings and paintings throughout the classic manner of traditional subjects of representational painting executing itself (about acts, landscapes and again: flowers). On the other hand he has a great passion for the unusual combination of painting techniques, which he expresses in abstract-minimalist works - often in conceptual collaboration with his artist friend Michael Sting (born 1959).

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