Ernst Barlach:
Sculpture "Sitting girl", porcelain


Ernst Barlach:
Sculpture "Sitting girl", porcelain

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Porcelain | White | Height 23.5 cm | Stand space 22 x 24.5 cm

Ernst Barlach: Sculpture "Sitting girl", porcelain

In 1906 Ernst Barlach visited the Ukraine. People and landscapes made him so strongly impressed that he completely changed his artistic work.He was thereafter a valid sculptural design whose first and immediate witnesses are the porcelains with the Russian motives.Therefore, these porcelains of particular artistic and biographical value: Prototypes of the sculptor Ernst Barlach.With German reunification it was possible to return the original model forms in the Schwarzburger workshops.In the interests of maximum faithfulness there could be no better choice for the continuation of Barlach porcelains, but he himself put in 1909 the foundation stone for a cooperation with who was then still young factory in Thuringia.What we present here, are the perfect results of close collaboration between artist and manufacturer, which brought the Schwarzburger workshops at the Brussels world's fair gold medal.

Catalog of works Schult 1/83, porcelain, white, design 1908, first edition 1909. shape height 23.5 cm, stand space 22 x 24.5 cm.

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1870-1938, Sculptor, writer and artist

Ernst Barlach was born on January 2,1870 in Wedel and died on August 24, 1938 in Rostok. He took the outstanding position in the German expressionism. As a graphic, painter and a writer and especially as an architect Barlach created the mileposts of the history of arts. The plastic works of Barlach search for the borderline experience and its expression and the special effect of his works lies in that. These are works of the multilayered meaning, in which the knowledge of a human is put in the foreground, what stands over “me” and “things” of the world.

The intention of Barlach roots in the deep, in something inner. He underwent the war and the difficult living conditions and experienced suffering and happiness. And also in the center of his creation there stands a human: Ecce homo.

“I request nothing else as bad and right to be an artist. This is my belief that everything that is not expressed through the work, through forms can pass in the sphere of something different. My desire and creative impulse circle round the problem of the sense of life and the other great mountains of the spiritual area.” (Ernst Barlach)

In 1925 Ernst Barlach became the member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. In 1933 he became a member of the Peace Class of the military order "Pour le Mérite". In 1937 the national socialists declined his works as the “degraded art” at all the open collections and places. On October 24, 1938 Ernst Barlach died in Rostok. Today the works of Ernst Barlach became a tight part of the leading museums and collections and achieved – where available – the auction records.

“The Singing Man” was the most famous statue of Ernst Barlach, an icon of modern. He decorated the book illustrations and posters, the early edition is the important part of collections in the great museums of the world, e.g. the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.