Hang Pictures Properly

A beautiful picture that you like in particular and that makes you happy day after day enriches your home.
And if you discover art in itself, usually it becomes more than just one painting or one artist.

We are constantly asked:
Which pictures can I combine?
Does the work of one artist fit to that of the other?
How can I arrange more pictures on a wall effectively?

We will give you a few valuable tips

In general, any picture can be combined with another.
It should be ensured that particularly color-intensive or expressive pictures should not hang directly next to each other. (The variety of subtle and strong motives are doing the right mix)

The art of arranging pictures properly, is not an art, if you know what really matters.
Different formats, frames and motifs can be combined into a harmonious whole.

Do not hang your pictures too high!
"Eye level" is the right measure - that is, 150 cm from floor to the center of the picture. This is particularly important for the motives that are very worked out in detail and their subtleties are properly detected only at eye level.

The imaginary horizontal and vertical lines, to which the pictures are assigned are a very simple helper. The examples shown here demonstrate that each picture can have its full expression through the visual order.

Framing and passe-partout can effectively enhance the appearance of a picture.
You can "incorporate" the picture into your room through the motif and color palette, in other words, works of art can not only blend harmoniously into your interior space but also influence it crucially.