Andreas Ehret:
Porcelain Sculpture "Grimbart, The Badger" - after Goethe


Andreas Ehret:
Porcelain Sculpture "Grimbart, The Badger" - after Goethe

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Signed | Porcelain | Format 17 x 9 x 8 cm (H/W/D)

Andreas Ehret: Porcelain Sculpture "Grimbart, The Badger" - after Goethe

The human in the shape of animal: Goethe's "Reineke Fox"

“To wisdom let all men
Quickly apply them
And flee what is evil and reverence virtue! This
Is the end and aim of the song, and in it the poet
Fable and truth has mixed, whereby the good
From the evil you may discern and
Wisdom as team and thereby the buyers of this book
In the way of the world may be daily instructed.”

This way Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ends his poetic epos "Reineke Fox". This is an old fairy tale that was told already in Middle Ages. Goethe transformed it into the world famous story in which he represents the human weaknesses into the animal characters. This is Reineke itself, which is able to get out of any situation clean and white, that also is a little bit tough and dumb Grimbat, and also the constantly hungry bear Brown and the Wolf Isegrim, which, despite his strength and strictness cannot oppose the cunning Reineke. And finally it is a the lion Noble, who tries to find the golden mead by compromising. They all support absolutely human traits.

The porcelain artist from Meissner, born in 1959, Andreas Egret has shaped this porcelain series. "Porcelain is a charismatic material which challenges to provide it with a soul, to question it, to express the conflict of its forms" - said the artist. So, he managed to do it and those who buy these figures can also "learn from the flow of the world every day".

Sculpture "Grimbart, the Badger":
Format 17 x 9 x 8 cm (H/W/D), signed.

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