Sculpture "Elephant", Version in Artificial Marble


Sculpture "Elephant", Version in Artificial Marble

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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 499 copies | Numbered | Signed | Punched | Artificial Marble | Partially Gilded | Format 14 x 23.5 x 9 cm (H/W/D) | Weight 1.15 kg

SIME: Sculpture "Elephant", Version in Artificial Marble

SIMES elephant sculptures are distinguished by their pure form and reduction. The artist focuses entirely on the essential features of his subjects and abstracting their characteristic traits. Nevertheless the naturalness the proportions are retained in each work and the sculptures express train dynamics and Asthetics.

Edition in Kunstmarmor. Limited edition of 499 copies, numbered, signed and punched with the foundry stamp. The tusks are plated with 24 carat gold. Format 14 x 23.5 x 9 cm (H/W/D). Weight 1.15 kg. Ars mundi special edition.

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Porträt des Künstlers SIMEBorn 1968 in the Croatian Mladen Simunovic Gorica as a painter and sculptor and belongs to a young generation of artists, who are no longer as opposites thinks the question after binding of tradition and modernity. His sculptures can be seen as the 'old' themes of art for him are not yet are depleted for a long time. He can be winner of new and refreshing subjective perspectives for them.

Sime who before studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1988-1993) went through training at the Training Centre of Applied Arts and Design (1985-1987), his sculptural works like formed on the basis of numerous preparatory drawings a process, in which gradually on the drawing paper "forms," which later takes plastic form in clay, plaster, wood or bronze.

His sculptures are characterized by their clear shapes and their reduced appearance. The artist focuses on the essential characteristics of his motifs and abstracted of their characteristics. It remains always the naturalness of the proportions and the sculptures radiate dynamics and aesthetics.

Sime lives since 1999 as a freelance sculptor and member of the Professional Association of visual artists in Munich. In Croatia he was awarded with several art prizes, most recently he had strengthened exhibitions throughout Germany.

Designation for an art object (sculpture, installation), which is produced according to the will of the artist in multiple copies in a limited and numbered edition.

Artist's multiple contributed to "democratization" of art as the work was made available and affordable for a wider audience.

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