Renoir and Manet: Small Feuds Among Fellow Artists

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is now considered one of the greatest representatives of Impressionism. His still lifes, portraits, landscapes and nudes are famous the world over. He was also one of the most prolific artists of his time, it is estimated that he created some 6,000 works of art.

But his fellow painter Édouard Manet considered him to be completely untalented. At least it was portrayed so by Claude Monet, who was friends with the two of them. In 1924, he told about the incident that occured in 1874 when Renoir and Monet accidentally met each other at his place in Argenteuil. Monet with his wife and son had been standing in the garden as Manet's models when Renoir arrived. He immediately grabbed the brush and paint and brought the same scene on canvas. Manet was fascinated by Renoir's behavior and whispered to Monet: "He has no talent, that boy. Since he's your friend, you should tell him to give up painting!" Both paintings of the garden scene have survived, but differ in details. You can see Monet beside the mother and son in Mane's painting and in Renoir's - a fluffed up rooster on the right side.



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