Gerd Bannuscher:
Picture "Piece of Sea"


Gerd Bannuscher:
Picture "Piece of Sea"

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Limited, 199 exemplars | Serially numbered | Hand-signed | Reproduction, giclée on canvas | Wedge frame | Format 80 x 100 cm

Gerd Bannuscher: Picture "Piece of Sea"

Artist’s bond to the sea, due to his origin near the Baltic Sea is unmistakable. Water is the prerequisite for life. Life occurred in the space by the realistic, almost photographic representation of the sea.

Colorful giclée on canvas. Limited edition 199 exemplars, serially numbered on the backside and hand-signed by the artist. Stretched on a wedge frame. Format 80 x 100 cm.

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Porträt des Künstlers Gerd BannuscherA moment of eternity is the time span, which the north German Gerd Bannuscher adheres to in his elaborate paintings. He approaches to the essence of things with fine stroke penetrating into something more than the visible reality. In his works there is always a hidden message. The hyperreal presence of the Bannuscher’s motifs is achieved through handmade precision. The effective, shining colors with a light metallic notes mix with nervous lines. This all is reinforced through the opposition of the dark and light and through the narrative details. In all his works Bannuscher created a special, still dramatics, which clearly addresses to the deepness of our emotions.

Bannuscher lived in Eichede (Schleswig-Holstein). His saw his works not as aesthetic, but also a political, social attitude to life, that created the awareness of beauty and the vulnerability of our planet.

Despite of the exhibitions inside and outside the country, since 2003 Bannuscher worked for the Sultanate of Oman.

Giclée = derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray".

Giclée method is a digital printing process. It is a high-resolution, large-format printout on an inkjet printer with special different coloured or pigment-based inks (usually six to twelve). The colours are light-fast, that is, resistant to harmful UV light. They have a high richness of nuance, contrast and saturation.

The Giclée process is suitable for real art canvas, handmade and watercolor paper and for silk.

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