Michael Krähmer:
Picture "Glacier Lake" (2012)


Michael Krähmer:
Picture "Glacier Lake" (2012)


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Limited, 199 Copies | Numbered | Hand Signed | Reproduction, Giclée on Canvas | Stretcher Frame | Studio Frame | Format 135 x 90 cm


Michael Krähmer: Picture "Glacier Lake" (2012)

The most essential thing in Kraehmer's pictures is not the landscape itself but its atmosphere. His works are exuded by the silence, the almost meditative devotion. He creates his works in oil glazing technique. So the paintings created by him seem almost photorealistic.

Original: Oil on canvas in elaborate oil glazing technique.

Giclée on canvas. Limited edition of 199 copies, numbered on the back side and hand signed by the artist. Mounted on a stretcher frame. Stretcher frame format 130 x 85 cm. With a valuable solid wood studio frame and a silver shadow gap. Format 135 x 90 cm.

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When Michael Krahmers landscapes as real places act, so that's not least thanks to the enormous artisanal effort, the artist operates: Krahmer (born in 1952) has become the painting of the old masters worked out and creates his mostly large-format works in the time-consuming Harzol- glaze technique in which the paint is applied in many gossamer layers one above the other. In weeks of work creates images that seem almost photorealistic and astound by its almost three-dimensionally acting image depth.

In their spell they attract the viewer but especially by their atmospheric density. To this, the artist is not the landscape itself, but mediated by them atmosphere is the essence. And so do not asks him the "reality"; we will examine only the silence to the almost meditative devotion which exude his works.

Giclée = derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray".

Giclée method is a digital printing process. It is a high-resolution, large-format printout on an inkjet printer with special different coloured or pigment-based inks (usually six to twelve). The colours are light-fast, that is, resistant to harmful UV light. They have a high richness of nuance, contrast and saturation.

The Giclée process is suitable for real art canvas, handmade and watercolor paper and for silk.

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