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On this category, we showcased for you the last exemplars and nearly sold out editions belonging to various artists coming from different epochs. This section is regularly updated, but if you don't place the order right away, you will not have another chance to buy your favorite artwork. Our Last exemplars are worthy of your attention because you can find the piece that fits you best. Keep in mind that this is the last chance to buy the last item of our collection. Our limited edition art is selling fast and is nearly sold out and we might not bring back the artwork that you hesitate to buy. All products displayed in this category are available for a last time buy, so hurry up and buy yours now!

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  • Moritz Götze
    $ 1.116,47 (980,00 EUR)
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  • Bellver, Fernando
  • Bergner, Ralf
  • Born, Mechtild
  • Bruni, Bruno
  • Bussmann, Volker
  • Calder, Alexander
  • Carlos, Roland C.
  • César
  • Chekirov, Namazbek
  • Corneille
  • Cottavoz
  • Crieger, Axel
  • Dalí, Salvador
  • Dannenberg, Ulrik Happy
  • Dittrich, Simon
  • Dufy, Raoul
  • Eschert, Rüdiger
  • Fish, Janet
  • Fuchs, Ernst
  • Galassi, René
  • Gebhard, Ludwig
  • Götze, Moritz
  • Grass, Günter
  • Haas, Willibrord
  • Hagemann, Audrey
  • Hartog, Evert den
  • Hausner, Rudolf
  • Hofmann, Gerhard
  • Imanjama, Francis Lubas
  • Janosch
  • Kahane, Kitty
  • Kay
  • Kissmer, Willi
  • Klee, Paul
  • Klös, Bodo W.
  • Lemberg, Andreas
  • Leonhard, Leo
  • Lladró
  • Manzù, Giacomo
  • Michael, Antje
  • Nespolo, Ugo
  • On, Aleg
  • Rauschenberg, Robert
  • Riefenstahl, Leni
  • Ritgen, Ule W.
  • Saint Phalle, Niki de
  • Schifano, Mario
  • Schinzel, Erwin A.
  • Schulthess, Benno
  • Stefano, Armando De
  • Strobl, Roman Johann
  • Sweetlove, William
  • Szczesny, Stefan
  • TA MEN
  • Tinguely, Jean
  • Vangi, Giuliano
  • Vautier, Ben
  • Vespignani, Renzo
  • Votteler, Jutta
  • Wichtrey, Antje
  • Wunderlich, Paul
  • Wurm, Friedrich
  • Zimmer, Bernd
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