Our Moments of Art

Did you know that Édouard Manet took his colleague Pierre-Auguste Renoir as a completely ungifted artist?
That Salvador Dali was suspended from the academy in Madrid for criticizing his teachers of low proficiency during his exam?
Or that in 1806 Napoleon ordered to take off the most famous work of Johann Gottfried Schadow, the Quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate?
Enjoy the short stories from the artistic world, which are presented under each topic icon. We wish you to enjoy the reading!

In 1874, a group of young painters organized an exhibition that had an influence on the art throughout Europe… [read more]

Armin Mueller Stahl has proved himself as a universal artists… [read more]

The colors of night – poets, writers and, naturally, artists find inspiration for their works in the night, stars and moon… [read more]   In April 1914 Paul Klee, August Macke and Louis Moillet started their legendary trip to Tunisia… [read more]
A lot of artists find motifs for their works in the landscapes of European lands… [read more]   Atmospheric landscapes, inspiring public scenes,  empathetic portraits … [read more]   Both artists and sculptors find models for their works from novels, tales and legends… [read more]
From the point of view of Édouard Manet his colleague Pierre-Auguste Renoir was completely ungifted… [read more]   During his exams Dalí was expelled from the Madrid Art Academy … [read more]
A lot of artists got and still get inspiration from the widths of space… [read more]   A great friendship that turned out to be a lucky coincidence for the art … [read more]   The idea to use colored glass for windows and artistic objects came after visiting of a cathedral in the French Chartres… [read more]
According to the legend, the history of still life genre reaches to antiquity… [read more]   In all his works he restricted himself not only to painting, but also created…[read more]
During all the epochs autumn inspired the great artists to create wonderful works… [read more]   Their famous work, the Quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate, was abducted by Napoleon in 1806… [read more]   He was a master of the romantic landscape paintings and his works fascinate with their beauty and melancholy… [read more]