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Style your garden and add that finishing touch to your green paradise with our special artworks that can be found on this category and from where you can buy garden art online and garden art sculptures. Improve your peaceful and recreational environment using garden ornaments and statues and transform it into a perfect art stage, a showroom in the open air. Over 180 products are waiting to embellish your garden and offer it a unique effect. By exposing art in the garden will turn an unremarkable area into a bewitching focal point. Beside beautiful sculptures, fire pits, sundials and birdbaths will certainly add personality to your yard. You may also choose to beautify your home with our indoor statues decoration, tea light holders, vases, lamps, interior clocks, mirrors, window hangings and much more. Turn yourself into an artist and let your garden be your canvas. Joseph W. Beach said "A garden without its statue is like a sentence without its verb!"

  Gartenskulptur 'Emanuelle'   "It is a beautiful sculpture.
A highlight in the garden!"
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  • $ 1.572,17 (1.380,00 EUR)
  • $ 145,82 (128,00 EUR)
  • $ 134,43 (118,00 EUR)
  • Guido Deleu
    $ 3.394,97 (2.980,00 EUR)
  • Shawn Coffey
    $ 2.255,72 (1.980,00 EUR)
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  • Basche, Philipp
  • Beitelhoff, Marcus
  • Bhire, Wilson
  • Boerner, Susanne
  • Coffey, Shawn
  • Deleu, Guido
  • Forster, Stephan
  • Gatsi, Ngoni
  • Kaunye, Ray
  • Keusgen, Ursula
  • Leochares
  • Luwagala
  • Monet, Claude
  • Preller, Patrick
  • Strobl, Roman Johann
  • Strobl d. Ä., Roman
  • Vetter, Ruth
  • Wilting, Norbert

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