From archive up to the roof our life is art. Our female and male coworkers, young and experienced, are excited, motivated, curious, eager to discover, constructive, critical and and … and this lasts for 65 years.
We love art and our clients. Especially for you, we are in constant search for aha-objects at the great art fairs, in artists’ studios, in galleries, at exhibitions and production centers.  

And because art is our everyday joy, we’ve become important European art traders. We have clients all over the world. For example, there are 15 ars mundi shops in the top shopping malls of Beijing and Shanghai.
The ars mundi exhibitions are popular and busy venues for Chinese art admirers.
Discover more than 15.000 art objects, which you can barely find in any other place. We have a lot of exclusive things that are found and produced especially for us. ars mundi is the greatest European art dealer. Here you can find pictures of well known European artists of the 20th and 21st centuries as well as high-quality reproductions of world-famous works of art. From Picasso and Chagall, Rodin and Degas to Hundertwasser and Immendorff.
Our Reproductions  are prepared in collaboration with renowned ARA Kunst and Dietz Offizien exclusively in German factories. Works of museum quality, which are difficult to differentiate from originals, are produced there. Only ars mundi makes them available worldwide.
  Jewelry reproductions  are performed in Germany by costly handicraft. Our models are originals from museums and famous collections. The Nebra sky disk, Inca golden jewelry, valuables form pharaohs’ treasuries as well as outstanding decorations of Greeks and Romans – ars mundi provides you with a wide range of choice.

Everything beautiful for you, that’s what we promise. Here you can buy works of art that will bring you a life-long pleasure.


You’ll benefit from our 14-day right of return and accurate order processing, as well as from our return services, that are easy to use.
Search and find easier as before. We gathered well-chosen offers from artists, gallerists, publishers and museum shops and they are waiting for you in our online-shop. Here you can find art of a thousand kinds, easily and fast and discover great things by the way.

The art has been waiting for you. When you buy works of art for the first time you may get a little bit restrained. You may ask yourself: “Can I do this?” and “Do I need this”. The answer sounds: “Yes!” Your experience of art purchase has much to do with your self-respect and lifestyle. Get this experience! And repeat it time after time. We heartily wish you to have a lot of fun and friends on your way.

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