Elfriede Otto:
Picture "Zodiac sign Capricorn" (2001)


Elfriede Otto:
Picture "Zodiac sign Capricorn" (2001)


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Limited, 195 copies | Numbered | Signed | Color etching on handmade paper | Framed | Format 58 x 54 cm


Elfriede Otto: Picture "Zodiac sign Capricorn" (2001)

Elfriede Otto, born in 1934 in Dortmand, imaginative fantasy worlds to life brings with her pictures. Nature and fantasy merge in an imaginary world. In the starry landscape grow magical plants. Colourful creatures dance through the fantasy world and give the pictures magical ease.

Long awaited and hot desires: The star sign of Elfriede Otto. With its unique style, the artist has created this distinctive motifs. Compulsory pieces for collectors, that she will win many new friends.

Original Colour etching 2001 edition 195 pieces on handmade paper, numbered and signed. Motive size 20 x 19.5 cm. Sheet size 53 x 49 cm. Size incl. model frame 58 x 54 cm (picture without frame).

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