Andora + Della:
Sculpture "The Flying Buddha Doll", 2000, handpainted bronze


Andora + Della:
Sculpture "The Flying Buddha Doll", 2000, handpainted bronze

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Limited, 99 Copies | Numbered | Signed | Hallmarked | Bronze | Handmade | Patinated | Hand Painted | Format 18 x 17 x 12 cm | Weight 2.5 kg

Andora + Della: Sculpture "The Flying Buddha Doll", 2000, handpainted bronze

Inspired by the traditional presentation of Buddha, Andora and Della created with their "Flying Buddha Doll" a modern interpretation of the bodhisattva. It is not an altarpiece, but a symbol for the human of today. Independent, self-confident and free from dogmas like Buddha once was. The candle, symbol of enlightenment reflects humanity, warmth and poetry.

Edition in fine Bronze. Casted with lost wax technique. Patinated elaborately and painted by hand. Limited edition of 99 exemplars. Numbered, signed and chased. Size 18 x 17 x 12 cm.

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Andora was born in East Berlin in 1957. Because of "disobedience" against the fatherland, he was sentenced to one-year imprisonment in 1976. After his release he worked as a gravedigger, heater, sexton, elevator operator ... and broke down in the system. Andora came to the "West" and after finishing his studies undertook, "the attempt to become a right member of society" once again …

A really creative period in his life began in 1985. After the first images in neo-expressive style, which show the search for his own language, he started the development of an independent visual language and extension of the chosen means of artistic expression. This was followed by individual and group exhibitions in Germany, other European countries and the USA. At the same time he began the most spectacular "projects for the conversion of contemporary art in everyday life", which got a feedback from a large audience. These projects have been developed in close cooperation with the industry, where the artistic freedom always remained paramount.

He created "the fastest piece of art in the world" with a hand-painted Formula 1 racing cars, designed to combat jacket for a gentleman boxer Henry Maske, painted a Russian Poljot rocket, which entered the history of art in space. For the Expo in Hannover, he designed a huge Low Saxony Horse.

Andora now lives and works in Hannover. His works are presented mainly in European and American collections. The lengthy cooperation with his fellow artists Della, which started in 1956 in Hannover, since the beginning of 1999 got official character and a name: "Studio 4".

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