Frank Suplie:
Picture "Wachold wood II (Heather & Wachol wood at Schmarbeck)" (2011)


Frank Suplie:
Picture "Wachold wood II (Heather & Wachol wood at Schmarbeck)" (2011)

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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 199 copies | Numbered | Signed | Reproduction, giclée on canvas | Stretcher | Format 60 x 50 cm

Frank Suplie: Picture "Wachold wood II (Heather & Wachol wood at Schmarbeck)" (2011)

These extensive Heath flower with lush stock of Juniper foand behind the Missioninary Schmarbeck Suplie: intense purple, combined with dark green hues. Playback in the fine art of Giclée process, transferred directly on artists canvas, mounted on stretcher. Limited edition of 199 pieces, hand numbered and signed. Frame size 60 x 50 cm (W/H). ars mundi special edition.

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Looked under the clear sky of the landscape in the industry, so Frank Suplie malt (* 1950), a fellow Worpswede and master student of Professor Fussmann. Like all North German realists, the subject takes precedence with him, he would never neglect anything. He rarely used grey or Brown, dirty colours definitely not; a pastel tone is rather prevalent, which then, selectively, here and there, will increase to a pure red or yellow. In this bright scale, the painting of Frank Suplie moves - he mastered it brilliantly.

His impressions of the landscape are represented in many public collections.

Giclée = derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray".

Giclée method is a digital printing process. It is a high-resolution, large-format printout on an inkjet printer with special different coloured or pigment-based inks (usually six to twelve). The colours are light-fast, that is, resistant to harmful UV light. They have a high richness of nuance, contrast and saturation.

The Giclée process is suitable for real art canvas, handmade and watercolor paper and for silk.