Picture "Two new unsuspecting chickens"


Picture "Two new unsuspecting chickens"


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Limited 50 pieces | Numbered | Signed | Etching on handmade paper | Model Bar | Glazed | Size: 42 x 39.5 cm


Janosch: Picture "Two new unsuspecting chickens"

Original etching on laid paper, limited edition world only 50 pieces, numbered and signed by Janosch. Framed in silver-mottled solid wood model bar, glazed. Size: 42 x 39.5 cm.

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* 1931, painter, illustrator, author, inventor of the "Tiger Duck"

Janosch, born in 1931 in the Polish Zabrze (Upper Silesia), is a phenomenon. Young forever, he has never needed a last name. For many years, he whistles to the Zeitgeist, rather quiet time criticizes. His fan base is getting bigger.

Janosch, the friend of all children between 3 and 100 years, wrote and painted about 290 children's books, novels, 2 plays and numerous cartoons such as "Janosch dream hour", "Gunter box frog's happy life" and many others. And he invented the Tiger duck.

In about 70 languages to read his stories. But just as his stories have always been more than children's books, Janosch more than one author and illustrator is: Janosch is one of the most creative inventor of own worlds and characters. His fables full of love for humanity and humourous hidden meaning made him famous and popular worldwide.

Janosch's artistic creation is a rapidly growing fan base. Janosch painted over 10,000 pictures in his always still unabated sustained work. So his drawings and sculptures were all over Europe already on countless exhibitions to real crowd-puller. And it is shown again and again: the bevy of Janosch fans across pervades all ages, his art has long since become cult for young and old.

With awards he was almost overwhelmed - by the German and French Juvenile book price on the Order of Merit, the Prix Danube, and the Silver Wand, the Silver Brush or 2 x the gold medal Bratislava. But most important is probably the immense community of large and small Janosch fans.

Janosch is today the most famous children's book illustrator in the world. He lives and works in Tenerife.

The field of graphic arts, that includes artistic representations, which are reproduced by various printing techniques.

Printmaking techniques include woodcuts, copperplate engraving, etching, lithography, serigraphy.

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