Painting "The Wanderer" (Original / Unique)


Painting "The Wanderer" (Original / Unique)




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Original Painting | Signed | Oil on Canvas | Stretcher Frame | Solid Wood Frame | Format 65 x 85 cm (H/W)


Kaikaoss: Painting "The Wanderer" (Original / Unique)

Original painting, signed. Oil on canvas, mounted on a stretcher frame. Stretcher frame format 60 x 80 cm (H/W). With a valuable solid wood frame and a silver shadow gap. Format 65 x 85 cm (H/W).

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KaikaossThe painter Kaikaoss was born in Kabul in 1965, where he also received his first artistic training, artistic studies. He graduated in Minsk, Belarus. Here his works have been exhibited for the first time. Kaikaoss since 1991 lives and works as a freelance artist in Germany. Since then his works have been on numerous Community and solo exhibitions in Germany and Paris.

Stylistically, Kaikaoss focuses on the surrealism of classical modernism. You will feel the influence of his models of Picasso, Magritte, whose elements he recorded without copying them. Autonomous masterpieces in great tradition. What distinguishes him from other artists, are especially his profound technique and his pictorial intelligence. The realistically painted pictures of Kaikaoss act completely obvious at first glance. But what appears to be first "right" that will be closer in question. So playing the artist in a refined manner with our expectations of perception.

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