Willi Siber:
Sculpture "Untitled (White Spider)" (2017) (Unique), Steel


Willi Siber:
Sculpture "Untitled (White Spider)" (2017) (Unique), Steel



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Unique | Steel with chrome paint | Signed | Format 133 x 36 x 38 cm (H / W / D)


Willi Siber: Sculpture "Untitled (White Spider)" (2017) (Unique), Steel

With his steel works, Willi Siber shows us the versatility of his preferred material. The structures, reminiscent of oversized bent straws, are coated with chromium varnish, giving them a beautiful, reflective surface and, at the same time, a lightness that contrasts with the heaviness of the metal. Put on smooth legs, they seem spidery-elegant.

Steel object with chrome paint, 2017. Signed. Height: 133 cm. Width: 36 cm. Depth: 38 cm.

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As a master student, Willi Siber graduated in 1976 with a degree in sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Today he is an artist in demand whose objects can be seen worldwide in galleries and museums.

The confrontation with the basics of sensual perception, optical and haptic intuition, the experience of form, surface, matter and space is the core of his entire artistic creation.

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