Jürgen Götze:
Sculpture "Dedication," Version in Artificial Marble


Jürgen Götze:
Sculpture "Dedication," Version in Artificial Marble


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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 199 copies | Numbered | Signed | Artificial marble | Format 21.5 x 30 x 18 cm (H/W/D) | Weight 6.4 kg


Jürgen Götze: Sculpture "Dedication," Version in Artificial Marble

The representation of love in the adaptation of Juergen Goetze is now available at ars mundi.

Before Goetze started working on his own, he had a 15-year career in the primary Porcelain Manufacturers of Germany. What was characteristic to his work even then (perfection in every spathe, the patient formulating of fine details and a clear view for proportions) has flown into his free work.
Goetze faces the figurative tradition, especially the representation of the human body. His style is also trained in the works of modernism of the 20th century. The loving couple, who are facing each other in intimate tenderness, can, therefore, be recognized as present-day at first sight. With "Devotion" he has succeeded in creating a work of great emotional density.

Edition in polymer imitation marble. Limited edition 299 copies, numbered and signed. Format 21.5 x 30 x 18 cm (H/W/D). Weight 6.4 kg. arsmundi special edition.

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* 1964, porcelain designer and "Sculptor"

The sculptor Jürgen Götze, born 1964 in Coburg, known rather than "Sculpteur" is because as a sculptor. He was Modeller at one of the leading porcelain manufactories of in Germany for 15 years. In addition numerous works created according to his own design, inspired by studies of Expressionism and Art Nouveau.

Since 1999, Idol works as a freelancer in his own workshop in Moggenbrunn. In the series "Fascination with art", the Bavarian television reported in April 2006 from the Studio of the artist. Jurgen Gotze exhibits his works at home and abroad, including 2013 at the ART Innsbruck.

The special care of the artist is the figurative sculpture. His works inspired by the exploration of natural forms are characterized by an emphasis on lightfooted forms in clear line language.

The female nude, which met the artist in the field of tension between abstraction and eroticism, is a "Royal discipline" for sculptors. Numerous are the predecessors from antiquity to the present. A major challenge is to edit the theme in your own style. Jurgen Gotze adopts them; on the one hand it is the tradition, but he focuses on expressions of modernism, that have shaped him as an artist. The result is an expressive representation of modern, self-confident women.

Designation for an art object (sculpture, installation), which is produced according to the will of the artist in multiple copies in a limited and numbered edition.

Artist's multiple contributed to "democratization" of art as the work was made available and affordable for a wider audience.

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