Sculpture "The Small Thinker", Version in Porcelain


Sculpture "The Small Thinker", Version in Porcelain


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Porcelain | Signed | Format 12 x 18.5 cm (H/W). Weight 440g


Loriot: Sculpture "The Small Thinker", Version in Porcelain

ars mundi presents the famous "Thinker" by Loriot as a compound three-dimensional sculpture. "The Thinker" is the subtle answer to the famous eponymous sculpture by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. In this form, it is a real highlight. Moreover, Loriot enriched Rodin's idea: the thinker doesn't just represent real thoughtfulness, he receives another great gift - its silent humor!

Sculpture from hard porcelain. Burnt at 1.400 ° C. Signed. Format 12 x 18.5 cm (H/W). Weight 440g.

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1923-2011, artist, Cartoonist, author, humourist, opera director

Loriot - who does not know him? Under Loriots hands almost everything is turned into gold: He is responsible for two Golden cameras, two gold records, the Golden Screen, the Golden Gramophone and the Honorary Golden Lion. Not to mention the Ernst-Lubitsch- and Adolph Grimme Prize, the Telestar or special Bambi ... for his outstanding service he was awarded Federal Cross of Merit. Loriot - who does not know: The Men Muller-Ludenscheid and Dr. Klöbner who - unwittingly fall into the same hotel bath - so delightful argue about whether the duck now allowed to water or not ... In his books, has become the creator of the nose males, Vicco von Bulow, aka Loriot, dealt extensively with the passage of time. Just think about "Loriot's diary - current affairs by a master hand" or "Loriot Heile Welt - New collected texts and drawings to burning questions of our time".

Vicco von Bulow alias Loriot was without a doubt the "grand master" of German humour. His sketches are frequently knows every word by heart (the English "by heart" it hits better ...), and on which field he has always moved - as a cartoonist, as a humourist, as an actor and director - he's always special, memorable done.

If one asks what the reason of this success, so it is nearing on the quote of Vicco by Bulow: "comic, as I understand it, has to do with self-irony, otherwise something is missing. You must involve yourself. "That's in all his works noticeably, and because this is so, his wit is never belittling, hurtful never - at the end Loriot went even very affectionate with the figures of his aptly parodies and accurately observed unmasking of petty-bourgeois narrow-mindedness to. humour, so we could formulate is a sharp dagger for fierce clashes, but a fine scalpel, which ultimately works to the healing of the world with each cut with Loriot. The "grand master" of German humour died in August 2011