Stefan Szczesny:
Painting "Siesta" (2009)



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Original Painting, 2009 | Signed | Acryl on Canvas | Stretcher Frame | Format 120 x 100 cm

Stefan Szczesny: Painting "Siesta" (2009)

Original painting 2009, signed. Acryl on Canvas, stretched on V-frame. Size 120 x 100 cm.

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Porträt des Künstlers Stefan Szczesny* In 1951, German painter of international rank

The artistic work of Stefan Szczesny, born in 1951 in Munich, characterises contemporary art. A scholarship in Paris and stays in New York, the Massimo Villa in Rome, France and the Caribbean lastingly influenced his work.

Szczesny was significantly involved in the movement of the "young guns" that discovered the expressive, figurative painting for themselves once again towards the end of the 70s. In the meantime, he developed a distinctive style be conveyed lightness and joy.

Guided by artists such as Matisse and Picasso are Szczesny let him focuses in his paintings on classical themes like Nude and Still Life. The artist thereby reflects on a sensuous, colourful objectivity. In his paintings, nature and culture merge in their most extreme form.

Szczesny is now one of the most important contemporary artists in Europe.

An artwork which is unique because of kind of production (oil painting, watercolors, drawing, etc.).

Near the classic unique pieces there exist the so-called “serial unique pieces”. They present a series of works with the same color, motif and technique, manually prepared by the same artist. The serial unique pieces are rooted in the “serial art”, a kind of the contemporary art, which achieves an aesthetic effect through the system of constant and variable elements or principles in rows, repetitions and variations of the same objects or themes.
In the history of arts the starting point of this trend was a work of Claude Monet "Les Meules“ (1890/1891), which for the first time presented an outgoing series instead of a mere group of works. The other artists, who addressed to the serial art, were Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian but first of all Gerhard Richter.


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