Wood carving "The Ulrich Crib", 20 parts


Wood carving "The Ulrich Crib", 20 parts


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Maple Wood | Manually curved | Painted by hand | Unique | Format des Stalls 75 x 33 x 38 cm (W/H/D)


Wood carving "The Ulrich Crib", 20 parts

The "Ulrich Crib" of the Grödner Valley (Dolomites) is deemed as one of the most beautiful cribs in the world. It was created by the wood carving art, flourishing already in the 17th century, developed from a peasant occasional occupation into a distinct handicraft. The characters are striking due to their delicate finishing and strong face expressions. Carved in noble hare wood, hand-painted in the tiniest detail – each figure, a unique piece.

"The Holy Family“, "Three Shepherds“, "Epiphany“, "Oxen and Asses“, "Three Sheep“, "Camel Lying with Keeper“, " Camel Standing with Keeper “, "Elephant with Mahut“ and the Stall, in a set.

Height of characters "Josef" 12 cm. Height of character "Elephant with Mahut" 18 cm. Format: Stall 75 x 33 x 38 cm (W/H/D).

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A plastic work of sculptural art made of wood, stone, ivory, bronze or other metals.

While sculptures from wood, ivory or stone are made directly from the block of material, for bronze casting a working model is prepared at first. Usually it is made of clay or other easily shaped materials.

The prime time of sculpture after the Roman antiquity was the Renaissance. Impressionism gave a new impulse to the sculptural arts. Also the contemporary artists, such as Jorg Immendorf, Andora, and Markus Lupertz enriched the sculpture with outstanding works.

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