Michael Pickl:
Sculpture "Lovers", polymer cast, hand-painted


Michael Pickl:
Sculpture "Lovers", polymer cast, hand-painted


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Limited, 199 exemplars | serially numbered | signed | polymer cast | partly hand-painted | format 28 x 51 x 13 cm (W/H/D) | weight ca. 4.5 kg


Michael Pickl: Sculpture "Lovers", polymer cast, hand-painted

Michael Pickl creates sculptures of plain contemporary men and women, as we can see daily on the streets, presenting them in moments of relaxation and happiness. No piece of wood is too crooked for the artist in order to make of it a human figure, even a modern one.

"We belong together" says clearly this double figure. In this case, there is also another, deeper, handicraft significance: Pickl carved his sculpture of a single wood piece. Polymer cast with wooden finishing, partly hand-painted. Limited edition, 199 exemplars, serially numbered and signed. Format 28 x 51 x 13 cm (W/H/D), weight ca. 4.5 kg.

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* 1971, sculptor The German philosopher Immanuel Kant has once written, it was so crooked wood carved banister, that nothing in it could be straight. Quite and metaphorically shows the sculptor Michael Kastler Pickl (born in 1971), that the reverse does not apply: It is not wood to crooked, but not to a man, a very modern, even to generate. With the crudest woodcarving and finest knives Pickl creates completely contemporary men and women sculptures, as they could meet us on the road every day and portrayed them in moments of relaxation and happiness. Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, his art work done with delicate and brightly painted was represented in several exhibitions including several times in the New Art Salon at the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

Designation for an art object (sculpture, installation), which is produced according to the will of the artist in multiple copies in a limited and numbered edition.

Artist's multiple contributed to "democratization" of art as the work was made available and affordable for a wider audience.