Jane Poupelet:
Sculpture ‘Bather’, artificial bronze


Jane Poupelet:
Sculpture ‘Bather’, artificial bronze


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Museum replica | Artificial bronze | Handmade | Hand-bronzed | Format 59 x 38 x 22 cm | Weight 18 kg


Jane Poupelet: Sculpture ‘Bather’, artificial bronze

Original: Museum of Modern Arts, New York, France 1909. _x000D_

Polymer ars mundi museum replica cast by hand and with hand-bronzed surface. Format 59 x 38 x 22 cm. Weight 18 kg.

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As one of the most renowned artists on the threshold to the modern age, Jane Poupelet (1878-1932) presented her artwork now in the Musée d'Art Modern and the Museum of Modern Arts, New York.

Already in her lifetime, one could admire her works in all important contemporary exhibitions - in the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts and the Gallery Bernier, Paris. The esteemed artist acted as a member of the jury of the Salon d'Automne and the Tuileries Gardens. The French State paid tribute to her contributions to the arts, making her a Knight of the Légion d'honneur. Student of Rodin and Lucien Schnegg, the Rodin student goes on shape other paths. Poupelet is rather linked to the classical tradition. Although she combines the light reproduction and shadows, and the great seriousness of her work, Rodin works are, however, very expressive, moves and modern provocative, while her timeless sculptures radiate a mild force and inner harmony. So affects the "bathers" strong and silent. Beauty, natural grace and a deep inner peace goes out of her.

Bronze powder bound by a polymer. By special polishing and patination techniques the surface of the casting gets a look that corresponds to the bronze.

The mold is usually taken directly from the original, so that the replica reproduces even the finest details. After casting the replica, using the most appropriate method, the surface is polished, patinated, gilded or painted according to the original.

A replica of ars mundi is a recognizable image of the original.

A plastic work of sculptural art made of wood, stone, ivory, bronze or other metals.

While sculptures from wood, ivory or stone are made directly from the block of material, for bronze casting a working model is prepared at first. Usually it is made of clay or other easily shaped materials.

The prime time of sculpture after the Roman antiquity was the Renaissance. Impressionism gave a new impulse to the sculptural arts. Also the contemporary artists, such as Jorg Immendorf, Andora, and Markus Lupertz enriched the sculpture with outstanding works.