Ed van Rosmalen:
Sculpture "Ballet - No two", art bronze


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Art Bronze | Handmade | Size:10 x 17.5 x 16 cm (W/H/D)


Ed van Rosmalen: Sculpture "Ballet - No two", art bronze

Pas de deux (French "steps for two") is a duet and is usually the climax of the Ballet. Emotions and high intimacy - the ballet as a symbol of common dance by love are represented.

The figure was modeled and high quality finish. Material: polyresin coated with cold bronze. Size:10 x 17.5 x 16 cm (W/H/D).

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Born 1955, comes from a large family of Dutch artists. His father was a painter and nothing could be more natural as van Rosmalen would be also painter. After he had completed a classical Academy training, went Rosmalen in the United States and began to work at the end of the 70s in Los Angeles as a painter. Returned in the Netherlands, Ed van Rosmalen studied city planning. After graduating, he accepted a teaching position at the University of Amsterdam. In 1986 he left the university to work as a freelance artist. He got into the family business "Parastone", which had made a name for himself with the restoration of Church paintings and sculptures. Now establishes "Parastone" thanks to Ed van Rosmalens commitment original works of art. Rosmalen gained recognition now in worldwide with the collections "Mahogany Princess" and "Jazz Greats".

Bronze powder bound by a polymer. By special polishing and patination techniques the surface of the casting gets a look that corresponds to the bronze.

A plastic work of sculptural art made of wood, stone, ivory, bronze or other metals.

While sculptures from wood, ivory or stone are made directly from the block of material, for bronze casting a working model is prepared at first. Usually it is made of clay or other easily shaped materials.

The prime time of sculpture after the Roman antiquity was the Renaissance. Impressionism gave a new impulse to the sculptural arts. Also the contemporary artists, such as Jorg Immendorf, Andora, and Markus Lupertz enriched the sculpture with outstanding works.


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