Tom's Drag:
Bowl "Nugget", Painted by Hand


Tom's Drag:
Bowl "Nugget", Painted by Hand

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Artificial marble | Made and painted by hand | Format 15 x 38 cm (W/D)

Tom's Drag: Bowl "Nugget", Painted by Hand

Eccentric and effervescent joie de vivre radiates this bizarre bowl of hand-painted marble with a unique character and silver-plated feet. Format 15 x 38 cm (W/D).

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“The life brings colorful, but also bizarre and many-sided experiences every day” mentions the artist Thomas A. (Tom) Hoffmann. The pop artist provides some of these sides as independent: his supremely colorful furniture objects and light sculptures surprise with details; he stylized cool urban types with his funny animal sculptures that are as they are - and do not care about trends and change of fashion. Tom designed them as smart colorful animal figures. It started with some home-made Christmas presents. Later the artist remembered them in his studio and started to create: "Weird", lovingly detailed furniture objects and sculptures, where he embodied his love for the Flower Power Generation. Meanwhile, there appeared a considerable collection of individual, witty, often also provocative objects from his eccentric "Drags". All of them have one thing in common: they break rigid everyday rules and radiate good mood.