Frank Suplie:
Picture "Rape field in Falshoft" (The darker the sky) "(2009) (original / unique)


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Original Painting | Signed | Egg tempera on canvas | Stretcher | Size: 60 x 50 cm

Frank Suplie: Picture "Rape field in Falshoft" (The darker the sky) "(2009) (original / unique)

Original paintings, signed. Egg tempera on canvas,stretchers. Size: 60 x 50 cm (W / H).

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Looked under the clear sky of the landscape in the industry, so Frank Suplie malt (* 1950), a fellow Worpswede and master student of Professor Fussmann. Like all North German realists, the subject takes precedence with him, he would never neglect anything. He rarely used grey or Brown, dirty colours definitely not; a pastel tone is rather prevalent, which then, selectively, here and there, will increase to a pure red or yellow. In this bright scale, the painting of Frank Suplie moves - he mastered it brilliantly.

His impressions of the landscape are represented in many public collections.

An artwork which is unique because of kind of production (oil painting, watercolors, drawing, etc.).

Near the classic unique pieces there exist the so-called “serial unique pieces”. They present a series of works with the same color, motif and technique, manually prepared by the same artist. The serial unique pieces are rooted in the “serial art”, a kind of the contemporary art, which achieves an aesthetic effect through the system of constant and variable elements or principles in rows, repetitions and variations of the same objects or themes.
In the history of arts the starting point of this trend was a work of Claude Monet "Les Meules“ (1890/1891), which for the first time presented an outgoing series instead of a mere group of works. The other artists, who addressed to the serial art, were Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian but first of all Gerhard Richter.


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