Keith Haring:
Porcelain plate ‘Untitled’ (2014)


Keith Haring:
Porcelain plate ‘Untitled’ (2014)

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Signed | Porcelain | Ø 27 cm | Incl. gift box

Keith Haring: Porcelain plate ‘Untitled’ (2014)

Art plates of fine porcelain: a famous art design decorates this high-quality plate from a French porcelain factory. Developed in exclusive cooperation between the Keith-Haring Foundation and Ligne Blanche Paris. Diameter 27 cm, signed on the reverse side. Delivery in an attractive gift box.

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1958-1990. In New York of the 1980s arises from the secret an art movement that until now its anarchic character and memorable design language enthusiastic that the young artists still inspired: With Keith Haring's graffiti street art was born, and its unmistakable figures of part of mass culture.

Graffiti, these colourful iconic painting of public surfaces us today has become a daily sight, often a nuisance. Young people began in the 1970s on the walls of New York subway stations words, Signet, and thick-edged comic-like characters to spray to give expression to their social protest.

Keith Haring, who was born in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1958, he was able to identify "with the style, taste and colour" of these artists. In 1981 he began his graffiti work in the New York underground, after studying the late 70s art at the School of Visual Arts in New York and Pittsburgh. So he was not among the artists who started as a street sprayer and were discovered for the art, but went as a painter on the street. He shared his penchant to evenly fill of the scene with pattern-like character sequences with his idols from the American abstract expressionism.

Cooperation and friendship joined him, after he already in 1982 was seen at the Kassel documenta, with pop artist Andy Warhol. His style marketed Keith Haring in his Pop Shop opened in 1988, who offered mainly the vitality and optimism emanating agile baby figures "Radiant Childs" as T-shirt print. He also used to enforce unusual concepts to artistic success.

Keith Haring had become infected with the immune deficiency AIDS and drew in numerous campaigns on the disease. He died at the age of 31.

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