Ule W. Ritgen:
Picture "Dawn" (2008)


Ule W. Ritgen:
Picture "Dawn" (2008)


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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 199 copies | Numbered | Hand-signed | Reproduction, giclée on canvas | Stretcher | Studio frame | Format ca. 129 x 69 cm


Ule W. Ritgen: Picture "Dawn" (2008)

"The sunrise is the moment, when the light tears the veil of night and wins the power over the space. Nothing is yet defined and different, all the shapes blur, in the power that has created everything…"

Giclée on canvas, 2008. Limited edition of 199 copies, numbered on the back side and signed by hand. Mounted on a stretcher. Format ca. 125 x 65 cm. Framed in an elaborate solid wood studio frame with a shadow joint. Format ca. 129 x 69 cm. Available exclusively at ars mundi.

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Ule W. RitgenPainter, poet and musician Ule W. Ritgen is successful as a painter, poet and musician a genuine all-rounder and international. In 2007 he was elected to Japan among the top 5 of the best songwriters. His band "Fair Warning" in Asia has long been a cult, "I had as a musician already gold records on the wall, when my childhood dream caught up painting again." In his paintings he combines surreal dreamscapes with old masters Image: "It is just a wafer-thin membrane that separates the world of our dreams of the so-called real world'. For me the transitions are completely fluent the reality has just many levels and facets ".

Giclée = derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray".

Giclée method is a digital printing process. It is a high-resolution, large-format printout on an inkjet printer with special different coloured or pigment-based inks (usually six to twelve). The colours are light-fast, that is, resistant to harmful UV light. They have a high richness of nuance, contrast and saturation.

The Giclée process is suitable for real art canvas, handmade and watercolor paper and for silk.

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