Jackson Pollock:
Picture "Number 14: gray" (1948)


Jackson Pollock:
Picture "Number 14: gray" (1948)


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Reproduction on canvas | Stretcher | Massive wooden strip | Size: 76 x 57 cm


Jackson Pollock: Picture "Number 14: gray" (1948)

A masterpiece of abstract expressionism. Pollock gave a completely new dimension of style of action painting.

Original: paint on a chalk background paper, Yale University, New Haven (Connecticut), United States.

High quality reproduction on artist canvas on stretchers. Framed in a high-quality solid wood shadow gap strip. Size: 76 x 57 cm.

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Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) revolutionized not only the American, but also European art in a few years. He gave the style painting of action, where the manufacturing process of the artwork itself in the foreground stands, with his dripping technique a completely new dimension. Jack the Dripper let flow the colour right out of the box on the canvas lying on the ground until formed the rhythmic pattern typical for him from drops of colour and rivers. As the most important American contemporary artists, he was retired from painting two years before his early death. It was a sensation in 2005 when 32 previously unknown works were found in a New York warehouse.

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