Ulrike Langen:
Painting "Memories"


Ulrike Langen:
Painting "Memories"


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Ars Mundi exclusive edition | Limited, 49 exemplars | Hand-signed expertise report | 6-color-pigment coating on Alu-Dibond | Format: 80 x 120 cm | Suspension device


Ulrike Langen: Painting "Memories"

Ulrike Langens started as a fashion designer. His today works are striking picture collages in bright colors, with delicate elements from Antiquity to these days. Displays of his world – with pop art reminiscences of Tom Wesselmann or Roy Lichtenstein. The artist combines very different techniques.

6-color pigment coating on Alu-Dibond, with suspension device. Limited series, 49 exemplars with hand-signed expertise report. Format: 80 x 120 cm. Exclusively for ars mundi.

This presentation form comes from professional photographers and exhibition makers. More and more artists are creating works for such aluminum support with high-tech composites. The metallic surface creates a synthesis with the colors. White spots have a mat-metallic gleam, depending on the light source. They allow a noble and pure effect of the image. Due to the direct application of color pigments, the details are precisely displayed. Alu-Dibond is long lasting and robust.

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Portrait of the artist Ulrike LangenBorn in Aalen (BW), Design studies, lives and works in Aalen and in Provence.

Their origin from the fashion industry denies Ulrike Langen also as a painter not: like she chooses bright, perfectly matched colours and linking coulour field painting with delicate graphic elements of antiquity and modernity. Many influences of the past, combined with extravagant motifs from life and everyday life, characterised by their works.

Langen shows dream worlds that are reminiscent of the pop art of Lichtenstein or Wesselmann. However, it remains committed to a not only "trendy", but quite classical concept of beauty.

This form of presentation comes from the world of professional photographers and exhibition organizers. More and more artists create their works for this aluminum carrier in high-tech composite. The metallic surface create a synthesis with the colors. White image areas are shimmering matt-metallic, depending on the light source. They let the picture look classy and puristic. Thanks to the direct color pigmentation the details are rendered accurately. Alu-Dibond is durable and resistant.

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