Picture "Madonna Glikofilussa" with Swarovski stones


Picture "Madonna Glikofilussa" with Swarovski stones


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Screen printing on canvas and wood | Sealed | Handpatinated | Swarovski Crystals | Certificate | Size: 35 x 43 cm


Picture "Madonna Glikofilussa" with Swarovski stones

The icons of the Orthodox Church are not just "Pictures", they allow a connection between this world and the hereafter, between earthly and spiritual world as sacred objects according to Orthodox belief.Not a few will even attributed miracles cardinality. They obey a strict canon of pictures, from the creative, often anonymous Holy scribe ("Hagiographer"). Their design corresponds to the sacred importance of the icon:They are usually elaborately decorated by the artist with gold leaf.

For a convincing reproduction of such a masterpiece a special printing process is necessary. It is the only way to authentically the intensity of the colours on the projector screen.The picture background (the "divine light") is achieved by a shiny metal alloy.On the back of the reproduction of a certificate, the subject and reproduction technology of the icon is explained. This as Madonna Glikofilussa (English. Glykophilusa) icon motif shows the Mother of God as a tender, loosely translated as "caressing" mother of the little baby Jesus. The Nimbus (halo) of both figures is finished with real Swarovski stones. Size: 35 x 43 cm.

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