Replica "Heart Scarab", Artificial Casting


Replica "Heart Scarab", Artificial Casting

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Museum replica | Artificial casting | Handmade | Format 6 x 4 cm

Replica "Heart Scarab", Artificial Casting

The holy beetle for Egyptians was the embodiment of their god Ra. The big scorpio has a special meaning. It is placed in the dead body instead of heart. As a rule, the absract from the Book of the Dead is inscribed on the bottom side of the beetle. The aim of this is to prevent the heart of the dead man from the revealing on the Court of the Dead. The shapes can vary from time to time. Original: National Museum, Berlin - Prussian Cultural Heracy. Egypt, New Empire, 19th Dynasty, around 1250 B. C., slate.

Polymer ars mundi museum replica, cast by hand, length 8 cm, width 5.5 cm.

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