Roman Strobl d. Ä.:
Fountain object "Gobi", art bronze version


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Ars Mundi exclusive edition| Limited, 199 pieces | Numbered | Signed | Art bronze| Handcasted | Size 50 x 36 x 55 cm | weight 30 kg

Roman Strobl d. Ä.: Fountain object "Gobi", art bronze version

In addition to his Art Nouveau nudes or the neoclassical goddesses, Roman Strobl devotes himself to the ancient mythology and the world of sagas: as he told a fairy-tale to his daughter Lea, suddenlly a little dwarf jumped on the blanket, introduced himself as a "desert dwarf Gobi" and since that time told about his encountable adventures. Born in a desert, which was later called in his honour, he is a seller, which interferes with everything and helps the weak. The little hero, which doesn't do anything bad at his adventures, enjoys the most valuable resource of the desert: the water. And so he watches over the flowing water and swears the water ghosts, to keep it running...

Ars Mundi-exclusive edition, hand-poured. Signed and numbered. Size of 50 x 36 x 55 cm. Delivery without pump. Edition in polymer art bronze. Limited edition of 199 pieces. Weight 30 kg.

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Graphic or sculpture edition that was initiated by ars mundi and is available only at ars mundi or at distribution partner licensed by ars mundi.


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