Jean-Claude Cubaynes:
Painting "Giverny en Mai"


Jean-Claude Cubaynes:
Painting "Giverny en Mai"

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Ars Mundi exclusive edition | Limited, 199 exemplars | Signed | Reproduction on canvas | Stretcher frame | Model framing | Format: 53 x 53 cm

Jean-Claude Cubaynes: Painting "Giverny en Mai"

Claude Monet created his legendary garden in Giverny and also an inspiration source for his painting. Since then, the garden layout is a symbol for the fusion of garden and art. Almost one hundred years later, the French artist Jean-Claude Cubaynes rediscovered the impressionist landscapes and garden painting. With vibrant, fine, brush touches, he created thereof a modern impressionist perspective. The dreamy to hyper-realistic nature motives of the internationally known Cubaynes have a noticeable stimulating effect in any interior.

"Giverny en Mai": Monet´s garden is located in Normandy, over 70 kilometers away of Paris. In the meantime, it became a natural monument. Jean-Claude Cubaynes achieved a new interpretation of the lotus motive with breathtaking light and colorfulness. Brilliant, authentic reproduction directly on real art canvas, 100% cotton, stretched on a wooden stretcher frame. Limited, signed, 199 exemplars. Framed in elegant solid wood model framing. Format: inclusive frame ca. 53 x 53 cm. Exclusively at Ars Mundi.

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Jean-Claude Cubaynes*1944, French painter

It is evident that Jean-Claude Cubaynes' art is inspired by the great works of the impressionists, especially by Monet, whom he paid respect with his painting "The Garden of Giverny". He shares with you the exact eye for the color and light play of natural phenomena, a very precise, powered by great knowledge of visual effects painting style and - certainly not least - the great love of gardening and landscape paintings.

Cubaynes, born in 1944, was already studying as a 15-year-old at the School of Applied Arts in Paris. Since 1966 he is working as a freelance artist, and since 1970 his works have been presented in numerous national and international solo exhibitions.

No wonder that Cubaynes finds his audience worldwide. He knows how to capture the charm of a sprawling garden, the atmosphere of a flowering meadow with the greatest subtlety and clarity; in his works he does convey the paradise that these locations own and this is exactly what the Impressionists strive for as well. Cubaynes pictures have a direct effect: you believe with all your senses that you are transferred to his landscapes.

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