Egyptian Chess Set: "The gods´ game"


Egyptian Chess Set: "The gods´ game"

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Board format: 49 x 49 cm | Figures: Metal casting | Gold-plated or patinated | Height Figures 7.5-14 cm

Egyptian Chess Set: "The gods´ game"

Over 10 years of development work stay behind this chess set designed by an artist hand, capturing significant objects and themes of ancient dynasties: the chessboard, plated with 24-carat gold, partly patinated, displays the paradise garden. On the rim, golden symbols of the solar god Re are alternating with Udjat eye, lotuses and Tutankhamun’s name cartouche, bordered by Horus falcons. The pawns are represented by protector Ushabtis, the life-bringing Djet columns represent the rooks. The jackal-head god of death Anubis jumps as knight, while the Osiris bishop runs his course. The graceful Isis with Hator crown stays as queen next to the pharaoh bearing his Upper and Lower Egypt crown.

Height of the chess pieces: 7.5 to 14 cm, gold-plated or hand-patinated cast metal. Board format: 49 x 49 cm, partly gold-plated and patinated.

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