Otmar Alt:
Cream cup "Clown & Cat", porcelain


Otmar Alt:
Cream cup "Clown & Cat", porcelain


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ars mundi exclusive edition | porcelain | handmade | dishwasher safe | microwaveable | cream cup


Otmar Alt: Cream cup "Clown & Cat", porcelain

Otmar Alt developed his characteristic form language on both sides of the art establishment. With courage, he broke off his initial successes in informal painting and became one of the main representatives of the "New Figuration", where figure became again part of the image. With his simply inexhaustible richness of ideas and virtuosity technical skills, Otmar Alt progressed at national and international levels, becoming one of the most significant contemporary German artists. Otmar Alt was always fascinated by the circus world: It is a sparking Cosmos of fantasy, with jugglers, acrobats, magicians and fools, with glaring colors and grotesque shapes - for Otmar Alt being the symbol of a world without frontiers and without imposed rules. The fauvist joy of color and autonomy of Otmas Alt's designs were transferred exclusively for ars mundi with great sensitivity by Seltmann-Weiden, the great traditional company in Oberpfalz. Since 1910, quality porcelain is created here for highest demands which, despite international success, is manufactured exclusively in Germany. Each single part of this exquisite service has all-round motives in 12 colors and is fired three times at 1200° Celsius. The service is dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

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Otmar Alt was born on 17 July 1940 in Wernigerode. After studying painting at the Berlin Master School of Crafts and at the Academy of Fine Arts, he quickly became the avant-garde artistic and is now one of the most important and also popular artists of Germany.

The artistic repertoire of Otmar Alt ranges from painting and graphics to sculpture. But he also designed utility items like children toys and design fairytale figures made of ceramics. He presented his work to the European public in more than 250 solo exhibitions. Otmar Alt excited the world of art with its supremely colorful, cheerful works for a long time. The main representative of the "New Figuration" manages to take the viewers into his fanciful dream world.

The fairytale symbolism in Otmar Alt's works reminds us of our carefree childhood. Most of all it refers to his representations of animals. Because of the strong abstraction of his imagery, the figures seem to be like fantasy creatures. Therefore, children books illustrated by him delight not only the children.

His style, which evolved into its own shape, and sometimes reminds of comic strips is based on informal painting. Otmar Alt creates an unconventional fantasy world, populated by fantastically shaped humans, animals and plants. His characteristic repertoire consists of mythical beasts and biomorphic archetypes. The geometric shapes gain a vivid effect thanks to the ornamental colors and composition in which they are added together like puzzle pieces.

The successful artist founded the Otmar Alt Foundation, launched years ago. Thanks to the income from Alt’s art the foundation promotes art young artists in a variety of ways, including by submitting of studio spaces in a Westphalian farm.