The Sun Chariot of Trundholm, original size


The Sun Chariot of Trundholm, original size

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Museum-replica | Bronze + metal casting | Handmade | Patinated | Gilded | Size: 30 x 36 x 61 cm (W/H/D)

The Sun Chariot of Trundholm, original size

When plowing in the moorlands of Trundholm, Zealand, discovered a Danish farmer 1902 this masterpiece from the Germanic Bronze Age (14th-13th century.). The horse-drawn carriage cult has for the Danes today the rank of National Shrine.

Original: National Museum, Copenhagen.

Edition in original Size, restored condition. Horse and solar disk: polymeric Ars Mundi museum replica, hand cast, patinated ted and partly gilded. Wheels metal casting, bronze carriage axis. Size: 30 x 36 x 61 cm (W/H/D).

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The mold is usually taken directly from the original, so that the replica reproduces even the finest details. After casting the replica, using the most appropriate method, the surface is polished, patinated, gilded or painted according to the original.

A replica of ars mundi is a recognizable image of the original.

The earliest art of the Germanic tribes is documented by bronze artifects and embossed works of gold. The ornamentation is strictly geometrical, the figurative art focuses on the representation of people and animals. During the Iron Age, the ceramics became an important carrier of ornamentation. From the 5th century B.C. the Celtic influence on the art of the Germans could no longer be overlooked. Besides wood carving, the Germans also created sculptures in stone.

The ornamentation of the animal style, which dominated all areas of artistic creation forms the culmination and conclusion of the prehistoric Germanic art.