Book Reprint "The Gutenberg Bible" (1454) - Facsimile Edition


Book Reprint "The Gutenberg Bible" (1454) - Facsimile Edition

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Hardcover | 2 volumes with accompanying booklet | Format 33 x 23.5 cm | 1,400 pages | Language: Latin | Comments: German

Book Reprint "The Gutenberg Bible" (1454) - Facsimile Edition

The book that changes the world! A complete reprint of the revolutionary Bibel by Guttenberg, B42.

The discovery of the modern book printing after the invention of the movable type printing technique in the 15th century was a real revolution of media techniques with far-reaching consequences. Even though grammars, letters of indulgence, calendars, leaflets of all kinds, and pamphlets that could spread news and new ideas quickly and widely put pressure on printers' presses more than books, it is the Gutenberg Bible associated with the revolution in communication. It is the first significant work of occidental culture produced in the new technique, of high aesthetic and technical quality, and one of the greatest literary treasures from the incunabulum era, the early days of printing.

The two-volume Gutenberg Bible of almost 1300 pages was created between 1452 and 1454. Because it is printed in a 42-line layout, it is also called B-42 for short. About 180 copies were printed, of which about 30 on parchment. To meet the expectations of audiences, the new production technique had to imitate the handwritten and artfully colored books almost completely. Thus, each copy of such an early printing was also still categorized by hand, provided with book decoration or illuminations, chapter numbers, and headings, which made it unique.

This reprint of the Gutenberg Bible is based on the complete copy of the Lower Saxony State and University Library of Goettingen, one of the few surviving parchment editions, one of the most valuable books in the world and since 2002 part of the UNESCO World Heritage. All 1,282 pages of this artistic and technical masterpiece are included. There is also an accompanying booklet that deals in detail with Johannes Gutenberg and his rapidly advancing technological innovation throughout Europe.

"I got to know that there was already a waiting list for the volumes even before the printing was completed." - Enea Silvio Piccolomini (later Pope Pius II), March 12, 1455.

The author:
Stephan Fuessel is head of the Institute for Book Science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and owner of the Gutenberg Chair there. He has published numerous papers on early printing, the role, and significance of the book from the 18th to the 20th centuries, and the future of the media.

Stephan Füssel. Hardcover. 2 volumes with accompanying booklet. Format 33 x 23.5 cm. 1,400 pages. Language: Latin. Comments: German.

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