Georg Baselitz:
Painting "Way from the Window" (1982), Framed


Georg Baselitz:
Painting "Way from the Window" (1982), Framed

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Limited, 250 copies | Reproduction on Buetten paper | Framed | Mat | Glazed | Format 78 x 78 cm

Georg Baselitz: Painting "Way from the Window" (1982), Framed

Original: 1982, oil and tempera on canvas, 250 x 250 cm, Foundation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, Collection Beyeler.

5-color frequency modulated reproduction on 260g Rives Buetten. Limited edition of 250 copies. © Georg Baselitz, 2018. Photo: Robert Bayer, Basel. Framed in the solid wood frame with a mat, glazed. Format 78 x 78 cm.

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Bad around everything made correctly

Georg Baselitz, the artist and the architect born in Saxony whose name became a term for many as he turns his motifs upside down – his incomparable trademark since the beginning of the 1970s. While searching for “the picture under the picture” (Baselitz) he developed the completely new perspective.

Still, Baselits turns everything upside down not only with arts and is famous as a trouble maker and a provocateur. He calls the artists of the former DDR (East Germany) assholes, doesn’t believe that women can paint and defines the documenta as "Paralympics".

His rebellious passion brought damage at the beginning of his studies: “because of sociopolitical immaturity” he was expelled from the East Berlin high school of the fine arts. As he told in Spiegel, in 2007 at those time he oriented on the great artist - Pablo Picasso:”That was a horror. I always thought that Picasso was a great communist. But our party members didn’t see that. Fort them he was a decadent western artist, an outdated model. Because of Picasso I got out of school.”

Shortly after he left the school, Baselitz moved to the West Berlin. There he worked against all the artistic trends. Instead of abstract paintings he established figurative, partially dramatic presentations. In response he got lack of understanding and ignorance.

His first individual exhibition in 1963 was a preliminary peak of his provocations, as he presented naked and masturbating men to the prudish Berlin community. That was followed by confiscations, investigations by the public prosecution and a huge amount of negative headlines in press. But the noisy whirl produced a positive side effect: overnight everyone got to know who Georg Baselitz was.

Georg Baselitz was born as Hans-Georg Kern in 1938 in Saxony. Nowadays he belongs to the highest point of the international artistic scene. His works are presented in the most famous museums and collections all over the world. Among other the artist got the artistic prize the Kaiserring of the Goslar City. Baselitz taught in the City Academy of the Fine Arts and the University of Arts in Berlin, while he was living and working in Inning at the Ammersee.

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