Julian Schnabel:
Painting "Untitled (Ritterburg)" (2016)


Julian Schnabel:
Painting "Untitled (Ritterburg)" (2016)


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Limited, 60 copies | Numbered | Signed | Pigment printing on cardboard | Framed | Format 110 x 83 cm


Julian Schnabel: Painting "Untitled (Ritterburg)" (2016)

Pigment printing, 2016. Edition: 60 copies on cardboard, numbered and signed by hand. Motif size/sheet format 107 x 80 cm. Format in a frame 110 x 83 cm as illustrated.

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When the New York Stock Exchange boomed in 1979, Julian Schnabel (* 1951) earned a fortune with a pile of shards - the "Plate Paintings," created from overpainted ceramic and plate shards, made him one of the most expensive and famous painter of his generation in the 1980s.

The unconventional choice of material, which he puts together in fragments, creates an exciting structure that makes Schnabel's performance distinct. As one of the leading delegates of neo-expressionism Schnabel dared to experiment with exceptional painting grounds such as velvet and animal skins.

In addition to his work as an artist, he is a successful director. He won the 2007 director's prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal of the editor of the French ELLE, Jean-Dominique Bauby, in 2008 he was awarded a Golden Globe. "I'm married to painting, filmmaking is my lover," says Julian Schnabel himself.

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