Willi Kissmer:
Painting "Naked Back I", Framed


Willi Kissmer:
Painting "Naked Back I", Framed


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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 99 copies | Numbered | Signed | Reproduction, giclee on canvas | Framed | Format 113,5 x 58,5 cm (H/B)


Willi Kissmer: Painting "Naked Back I", Framed

A sensitive woman body covered with thin fabrique, which leaves part of the skin uncovered in some places. Kissmer leaves quite that much skin and body uncovered as our fantasy needs. A picturesque hook to pursue imagination. High resolution giclee mounted on the stretcher. Limited edition 99 copies, numbered and signed by hand. Framed in the elaborate solid wood frame with a shadow joint. Format 113,5 x 58,5 cm (H/B). ars mundi special edition.

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Willi KissmerWilli Kissmer is born in 1951 in Duisburg. He studied with Professor Hermann Schardt graphics at the Folkwang School in Essen. Study tours have taken him to Italy, South America and Russia. In 1987 he was followed by a visit to India.

Exhibitions in Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg and Portsmouth, New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Basel underline its international importance.

He is a gifted master of etching technology. He makes expressive works of sensual aesthetics and raised charm with passion and perfection. Half range, half revealed Kissmers file by combining sexy fascinate by body and tissue, smooth skin and drape of the cloth landscape. Almost photo-realistic, and superior, Kissmer creates erotic art in perfection but the snapshot of camera.

While the internationally known artist works with photographic templates with simple image-realism have his works, however, little to do. The previously created black and white photographs are carefully arranged by him, until the posture of its model and the folds of their clothing, corresponds exactly to its ideas to every detail. On this basis, manufactures Kissmer in labour intensive detailed work photorealistic oil paintings, in which he approaches working step by step to the "reality" behind the image. The result is images that hyper realistic exaggerate the photographed arrangement - and which act as a colour oil painting, much closer, more accurate and more alive than ever could a mere photograph.

The true nature of the body is three-dimensional, tactile. The dedicated artist Willi Kissmer detail in his sculptural works. The invisible side, which creates a subtle tension in his paintings, is now to be seen. Kissmer succeeds with his sensitive, almost hyper real form language based on his graphic talent the sizzling eroticism of the subject to get around upright. The enveloping material is the unmistakable spice for visual pleasure. Kissmer focuses on the expressive centre of the female body and makes it a highly personal projection of the viewer. Only then is perfecting the art of internationally known artist.

Graphic or sculpture edition that was initiated by ars mundi and is available only at ars mundi or at distribution partner licensed by ars mundi.

Giclée = derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spray".

Giclée method is a digital printing process. It is a high-resolution, large-format printout on an inkjet printer with special different coloured or pigment-based inks (usually six to twelve). The colours are light-fast, that is, resistant to harmful UV light. They have a high richness of nuance, contrast and saturation.

The Giclée process is suitable for real art canvas, handmade and watercolor paper and for silk.

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