Devin Miles:
Painting "One Dollar" (2016)


Devin Miles:
Painting "One Dollar" (2016)

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Limited, 49 copies | Numbered | Signed | Mixed technique auf Holzchassis | Unframed | Format 60 x 135 cm (H/W)

Devin Miles: Painting "One Dollar" (2016)

Painting, airbrush and hand screenprint on wooden chassis, 2016. Limited edition 49 copies, numbered and signed by hand. Unframed. The format 60 x 135 cm (H/W).

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Art should never rest. It must always stay in motion and evolve. On the other hand, the works of an artist must be distinctive and carry the typical signature. Hardly anyone manages this balancing act as masterfully as Devin Miles, the most important representative of the contemporary German pop art. He remains true to himself without copying himself.

The success story of Devin Miles, born in1961, is very fast, although it only started in 2007. Devin Miles, the German painter and a pioneer of the new modern pop art in Germany, is already considered the "Tradition keeper" and is celebrated throughout Europe.

Art connoisseurs and collectors are well aware of the unique sensitivity of his works: Devin Miles combines the inventive and highly tactile screenprinting technique with the free painting and the airbrush technique, by which he brings the colorful world of idols to life. Every work is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that tells a story of its own.

Miles's work pays homage to pop art, which remodeled the art scene in the 1960s. Devin Miles does not merely adapt the pop art but also develops it further. He creates complex, moving images that go deep. Miles succeeds in proving that pop art is still as popular today as the myths of the stars, to whose fame it has contributed. Steve McQueen, Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn are some of the icons we still admire today. The works of Devin Miles belong here too.

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