Bernd Zimmer:
Painting "Months - May" (1990)


Bernd Zimmer:
Painting "Months - May" (1990)

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Limited, artist copy | Signed | Woodcut on Buetten paper | Framed | Format 68 x 87 cm

Bernd Zimmer: Painting "Months - May" (1990)

Since the 1980-s Bernd Zimmer has been working on the woodcuts, which explore the limits of the medium with impressive formats and a sophisticated play of colors. They pursue to the water reflections and deal with questions of nature, transformation and preservation.

Woodcut from the 12-part portfolio, 1990. One of 3 artist copies n outside of the edition of Rives Buetten, hand-signed. Motif size / sheet format 61 x 80 cm. The format in frame 68 x 87 cm as illustrated.

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Bernd Zimmer (born in 1948, in Planegg near Munich) created a new reality with his paintings, which he created with broad-brushed and vigorous, merging colors. His inspiration finds source in nature, in the cosmos or in biblical content. Nonetheless in the painting process, he does not have concrete examples: "All my pictures are fictitious situations. They are experiences expressed in painting."

Zimmer formed a group the "Junge Wilden" ("Youong Youth") in the late 1970s with his colleagues Rainer Fetting and Helmut Middendorf. Today he is one of the most important German contemporary artists of world-wide fame.

Designation for the painting and sculpture detached from the representational portrayal, which spread from around 1910 in ever new style variations across the whole western and parts of the eastern world. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, born in 1866, is considered to be the founder of abstract art. Among other important artists of abstract art are K.S. Malewitsch, Piet Mondrian, and others.

The field of graphic arts, that includes artistic representations, which are reproduced by various printing techniques.

Printmaking techniques include woodcuts, copperplate engraving, etching, lithography, serigraphy.

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