Alex Krull:
Painting "Glass Marbles"


Alex Krull:
Painting "Glass Marbles"

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ars mundi special edition | Limited, 199 copies | Numbered | Hand-signed expertize | Reproduction on aluminum plate under acrylic glass | Format 50 x 100 cm | Suspension device

Alex Krull: Painting "Glass Marbles"

A colorful Universum from the glass planets? The brilliant reproduction on the aluminum plate under the 3mm thick acrylic glass. Limited edition of 199 copies, back-side numbered, with hand-signed expertise. Format 50 x 100 cm (H/W). With a suspension device. ars mundi special edition.

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In the light of the reflections.

"The profound beauty of the banal" is the central theme of the artist Alex Krull. Born in 1970, the winner of 2015's "Water Worlds" competition, the artist is fascinated by this colorless substance, which transforms itself into colorful iridescent works of art through the help of the mere light. The painting teacher "captures moments in which the natural abstraction creates its own, magnificent image motifs."

This form of presentation comes from the world of professional photographers and exhibition organizers. More and more artists create their works for this aluminum carrier in high-tech composite. The metallic surface create a synthesis with the colors. White image areas are shimmering matt-metallic, depending on the light source. They let the picture look classy and puristic. Thanks to the direct color pigmentation the details are rendered accurately. Alu-Dibond is durable and resistant.

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