Michael Ferner:
Painting "Ferrari Supercrow" (2018), Framed


Michael Ferner:
Painting "Ferrari Supercrow" (2018), Framed


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Limited, total 108 copies | Numbered | Signed | Reproduction on Tintoretto Stucco Gesso | Framed | Mat | Glazed | Format 52 x 92 cm (H/W)


Michael Ferner: Painting "Ferrari Supercrow" (2018), Framed

Ravens are brilliant animals - they prove this even here. Presented by with wit, this painting becomes a piece of wall décor full of humor. High-quality reproduction on 320g Tintoretto Stucco Gesso paper numbered and signed by hand. Limited to 99 copies + 9 artist copies. Motif size 35 x 75 cm (H/W). Framed in the silvery solid wood frame, double beveled mat, glazed. Format 52 x 92 cm (H/W).

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Michael has a high priority of humourous. A painter, designer, illustrator and cartoonist born in Salzburg in 1969, is a master of the brush and colour - he created humourous and cheerful hand work. He impressed the art world by the lightness of his stroke, which arises from blowing ink over the paper.

His theme is the life. The impression that the fascination of the moment. The normal impression is recorded in his pictures. Airplanes, cars, clowns, musicians, seafood or e.g. "Huckebeinige corvid". With the eye of an exact observer, and the unfamiliar humourist colour on the paper.

He presented his paintings in exhibitions in Germany and Austria, also in England, Dubai and the United States.

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