Robert Delaunay:
Painting "The Red Tower" (1928)


Robert Delaunay:
Painting "The Red Tower" (1928)

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Limited, 199 copies | Numbered | Reproduction on aluminum plate under acryllic glass | Format 110 x 50,5 cm (H/W) | Suspension device

Robert Delaunay: Painting "The Red Tower" (1928)

Delaunay immortalizes the emblem of Paris in contrasting colors and exciting perspective. Original: private property, oil on canvas.

The colorful reproduction under the acryllic glass on the aluminum plate. Limited edition of 199 copies, numbered on the back side. Format 110 x 50,5 cm (H/W). With the suspension device.

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Inspired by the neo-impressionism Georges Seurat, the French painter Robert Delaunay (1885-1941) painted since 1911 together with the artists of the Blue Rider” group. At the first exhibition of the Munich artist group, he sold most of the paintings.

Unlike at Kandinsky, at Delaunay, the light stays in the foreground. He was led to his ʺOrphism” – as named later by Guillaume Apollinaire – by his window paintings the ʺFenêtre”. Vibrating color spots are forming the displayed form. In that time, Delaunay departed for good from abstract cubism.

Another development of his ʺFenêtre”-series is represented by various ʺFormes circulaires”, begun in the same year and establishing the beginning in 1912 of abstract painting in France.

This form of presentation comes from the world of professional photographers and exhibition organizers. More and more artists create their works for this aluminum carrier in high-tech composite. The metallic surface create a synthesis with the colors. White image areas are shimmering matt-metallic, depending on the light source. They let the picture look classy and puristic. Thanks to the direct color pigmentation the details are rendered accurately. Alu-Dibond is durable and resistant.

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