Donald Sultan:
Painting "Aqua and Black" (2015)


Donald Sultan:
Painting "Aqua and Black" (2015)


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Limited, 40 prints | Numbered | Signed | Color silkscreen on the museum board | Framed | Format 122 x 122 cm

Donald Sultan: Painting "Aqua and Black" (2015)

Donald Sultan's subjects initially included everyday items such as buttons or billiard balls, but also butterflies, fruits and finally flowers. Baroque floral still lifes as well as - undoubtedly - Andy Warhol's legendary "Flowers series" inspired him.

Clear outlines and hard color contrasts characterize Sultan's paper-cut flower pictures, for which he has developed a distinctive technique: plywood and gypsum serve as a base for tar and bright enamel color.

Original color silk screen, 2015. Edition: 40 copies on museum board, numbered and signed by hand. Motif size/sheet size 117 x 117 cm. The format in the frame 122 x 122 cm as illustrated.

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