Jörg Immendorff:
Painting "Everything You Get from Me" (1995)


Jörg Immendorff:
Painting "Everything You Get from Me" (1995)


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Limited, 55 copies | Numbered | Signed | Color silkscreen on Buetten paper | Framed | Format 107 x 77 cm


Jörg Immendorff: Painting "Everything You Get from Me" (1995)

Original color silk screen, 1995. Edition 55 copies on Buetten paper, numbered, signed by hand and dated. Motif size 98,5 x 69,5 cm. Sheet format 100 x 70 cm. The format in the frame 107 x 77 cm as illustrated.

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1945-2007, German painter, printmaker, sculptor Jörg Immendorff, who was born in Bleckede, one of the most important German artists of the present with worldwide recognition.

In the 70s he developed a stressed object-related design language with symbolic, art historical and political allusions. "Each Immendorff image is the critical representation of a cultural-political situation," Lorand Hegyi writes about the artist, whose paintings now belong to the inventory of the most important museums in the world.

Through his friendship with the 1976 still living in the GDR painter AR Penck developed the painter and sculptor Jörg Immendorff a history painting that reflects the theme of Germany's division and critically considered. This year, he began the series of sixteen large-format paintings "Café Germany". Exemplary worked his expressed here coming and striking mixed style painting.

Immendorff's political ambitions were already during his training at the Dusseldorf Academy for days. One of his teachers was Josef Beuys, with whom he worked closely.

The LIDL Academy founded by him, Lidl was used as a pseudonym by Immendorff, represented politically oriented art. He understands his politically active images as an art, which are available in the service of the people and the workers.

Immendorff is the utopian among the painters: "I'm the only painter in the history of art, who has worked on a utopia which was then specifically" (German reunification).

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