Christiane Wendt:
"Aron necklace", 925 sterling silver bicolour


Christiane Wendt:
"Aron necklace", 925 sterling silver bicolour

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Limited, 980 pieces | Numbered | Signed | Hallmarked | 925 sterling silver | Partially gold-plated | Pendants 8.5 x 6.5 cm |Necklace Ø 13 cm

Christiane Wendt: "Aron necklace", 925 sterling silver bicolour

Arum in conservation is a well-known as a magical plant since ancient times . Only a knowlegabe know how todeal with this dangerous Aron, secret recipes can created a special spell love that drove bad dreams and made the beauty of the woman irresistible.Tabernaemontanus, already had reported that Arum is a beauty herb. In the flower language of love, the flower meant in the Middle Ages: "I share your feelings - I will love you faithfully."

The name refers to Aaron, the Brothers Moses: and Moses spake unto the Israelites, and all their princes gave him rods, each one prince per twelve a rod, according to their clans, and the rod of Aaron was among their rods. And Moses laid up the rods before the LORD in the tent of the law. The next morning, as Moses went into the tent of the law, he found the Aaron's staff of the house of Levi green and the blossoms, and yielded almonds. Old Testament, 4. (Genesis 17, 21-23.

The design isdiabase plinthd on a drawing from the botanical art collection of the National History Museum in London from the 18. Century. It shows two Aronstabbluten, face the mirror picture and the female line of the throat and neck. The double arrangement of flowers combines male and female element and symbolizes the partnership merger.

Original artist jewellery made of 925 Sterling Silver, in some cases gilded. Limited edition of980 pieces. Pendant size 8.5 x 6.5 cm,Necklace with clip lock, diameter 13 cm. back numbered, signed and hallmarked.

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